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Rumen Protected Fats In Dairy Diets

The limiting nutrient for milk cows is energy. Balancing and consuming diets that can continue to keep the rumen in a constant level of energy generation particularly for large milk manufacturers can be challenging.

Ruminant bypass nutrition requires that rumens have considerable levels of forage to stay healthy and successful. Forages, nevertheless, are the least digestible of this feedstuff we feed our cows. 

 bypass fat for dairy cows

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The cellulose in forages is rarely completely fermented by rumen microbes. The fermentation process produces the precursors to glucose synthesis, that's the principal source of energy from cattle. 

The feedstuffs like grains or other product items into foods supply starches and sugars which are more readily fermented by rumen microbes compared to cellulosic fiber out of forages.

Rumen-protected (or rumen bypass) fats are manufactured fat products of varying fat content and fatty-acid profiles that allow greater energy densities in most ruminant diets. RP fats empower nutritionists to boost energy levels in dairy cow diets without needing to add more sugar or starch.

The two most widely used RP fat products now are: 

1) fats which are combined with calcium to produce a calcium salt which remains inert from the rumen.

2) fats which are coated with a silicone coating which resists rumen degradation.

Both technologies permit the fat to skip the rumen and are absorbed from the gut where the different fatty acids are metabolized.