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Elisa Kits – A Promising Vaccine To Stop A Terrible Smoking Habit

Perhaps, you've already spent many years attempting to quit smoking. But until now, you still have no control over getting rid of smoking. You've tried many alternatives including patches, gums, and therapy sessions.

But the sad thing is all of them are not working.  Many antibodies that cause harm to body parts are present in tobacco whereas antibodies like anti ma2 antibody are present in small amounts in medicines to get rid of the smoking habit. To know about anti ma2 antibody visit

After going to a doctor to measure nicotine content in the body using ELISA kits, you're surprised to know that your lungs have been infected by several bacteria. There's no other option available to you but to stop smoking.

If you're using traditional alternatives to quit cigarette smoking, nothing will happen. The grim truth is: The number of years you spent smoking is also the number of years required to completely eliminate this vice in your life, something most of us don't have left enough. How many years have you been smoking, 1 year, 2 years or 10 years?

It doesn't matter how many years you've smoked, what's important is that you accept and understand that cigarette smoking has no benefits to the body.

Think of the number of sticks you smoke every day? 5, 10, or 20? Now, just imagine how much you need for medication once you got sick because of smoking? Come to think of it, just because of a $2 pack of cigarette, your health will suffer by almost 90%.

Based on researches, cigarettes contain 1.2mg of nicotine, which is big enough to damage several parts of the body system including the heart, lungs, mind, joints, and blood. Nicotine is an alkaloid found in tobacco.

And once the body parts have been exposed to nicotine, it will get weaker and weaker. Experts measured the amount of nicotine in the body by using powerful testing equipments like ELISA kits