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Crane Maintenance Is An Essential Part Of Owning And Using Lifting Equipment

Crane maintenance is an integral part of owning and using a hoist. This not only keeps your equipment in good condition, but also ensures that it can be used safely to protect people working with cranes and hoists on site.

Crane maintenance must always be the responsibility of the equipment owner or site manager. The operator is responsible for ensuring that the lifting operation is carried out safely. However, if the crane is damaged, this shows poor planning before starting the lifting process.

Usually, the owner is fully responsible for the proper maintenance of the crane and for the transfer of responsibility for various maintenance tasks, even if the crane is rented. However, the person who started the crane must take responsibility, e.g. ensure that people who operate cranes are competent and comprehensively trained.

Good crane maintenance prevents damage and makes your location more efficient. Full service for cranes includes:

• Inspection. They are used to identify risks and potential problems and to ensure that they are mitigated during future operations.

• Routine maintenance. Your faucet is adjusted and lubricated to function as well as possible. This helps keep them in good condition.

• Attention. The inspector ensures that your crane is working according to safety instructions and can be used legally on site.

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