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Bowling Or The Power Of Visualizing A Perfect Score!

Last week we held a bowling event as part of our efforts to improve the dynamics of the group in our company. Well, needless to say, that many of us have either never played before or have little experience in bowling – and I would definitely say that I belong to the latter group – while others could be called pro game.

We try to make the team the same power to make it more fun for everyone so we set up three categories: total beginner, intermediate, and people who know how to play. I myself judge myself as fitting into the second group. To know about rock n roll bowling game visit

Well, the first round of the game show up and it's time for me to bowl, and as I had feared the internal side of the barrier and the ball hit my first try so it does not count.

I took a breath and said to myself – "! Say so, you are a loser, period" With these thoughts rushed through my head, I was blown away again and so I can prove myself, I would also fascinate precisely this one passes through each pin so I got big fat 'zero' to show for after my first round.

I really tried to shrug and tell me that I will do great the next round, but internally I think, o children o boy, you can not yet eff bowl.

The second point around I scored a combined five points – not great but certainly better than the big fat zero on my first attempt. Of course, I immediately began to observe my fellow teammates and watched another team wondered if I would be the worst in the crowd that night.