Sources Of Heavy Metal

Heavy metals are logically present in our natural environment, even though the presence of heavy metals in the ecosystem has effects on the human's various activities related to anthropogenic.

There are various different heavy metals that have direct influences on the living standards of human beings and they are enlisted below. Doctors from explain more clearly about the types of metals that are present in the human body and their sources through which we intake them.

Metal Sources

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Arsenic is the most plentiful element on the earth and present in so many lifeless types such as arsenite and arsenate composites that are considered as dead in the point of view of human beings and other organisms existing in the atmosphere.


Lead is present in light blue and bright silvery metal that is available in a dehydrated atmosphere. The main source of lead intake is drinking water, foodstuff, cigarettes, and other domestic resources.


Mercury has a special feature that it becomes colorless and neutral when taken into the heating process and is brought into use in the production of dental fusion, thermometers and some of the batteries. The other contamination ways of mercury are farming, smoldering, mining, and dumping of wastewater from industries.


The copper is one of the heaviest metals that are taken into use for the production of the copper pipe, cable, wire, copper cookware, etc. Moreover, in foods, it is present in some nuts, avocado, wheat seeds, and bran.


Nickel's basic purpose of the use is in the creation of batteries, machined parts, plating on metallic objects, however, in foods it is available in emulsions, refined grains, and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

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