Need and Use of Door Closers

Door closers are an important element in residential and commercial buildings. Door closers are used for closing the doors automatically, without any effort. They are installed for two main reasons. First, door closers ensure that doors close to whether the human force is applied or not.

Second, they help to ensure that the fire does not spread from one building to another building in case of fire emergency. A secondary cause of using the door closers (which is also known as Dorlukkere in the Norwegian language) is to keep indoor air inside and the outdoor air outside.

Although most people in and out of a building would pay not much attention to the door closers installed above their heads, the device makes sure that the door closes securely behind each nobody. Door closers are often found on entry/exit doors, fire doors, service doors, kitchen and bathroom doors.

In addition to providing safety of your building, door also closes keep pests and helps maintain interior air conditioning. A number of factors must be considered when the door closes selection: the size of the door, the level of use, the function of the door, and if it is an interior or exterior door.

Door Closer are specially designed for the main exit and entrance doors of buildings. As people constantly walking in and out, they let in a breath of air to each entry, even if the fixed door closers on doors. Without door closer, the incoming air blast will be constant and will affect the air conditioning provisions inside. The constant input of outside air will increase electricity bills.

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