Residential Solar Energy Solutions

Nowadays a lot of equipment such as solar cookers, induction cooking appliances being produced and became popular among the masses as well. Microwave, oven, etc. can be run by electricity generated by photovoltaic panels in. Not only will the reduced electricity costs but also reduce the consumption of non-renewable fuels on a small scale. Sun power solutions installs solar electric systems for residential, commercial, institutional and utility customers.

Gardening and Charging Equipment

A lawnmower, electric run water pumps, etc. are used in gardening can be run by solar panels installed on your home and you can do your gardening in style! Not only this, you can charge your laptop, cell phones, and calculators to help harvest energy.

Water heater

You can even eliminate the use of water heaters, geysers, etc. if you have a Solar Panel in your home. Coldwater containing pipe can be connected to solar panels and heat from the PV cells can be used to effectively heat the water.

Solar cooling

Solar cooling is done by using solar energy harvested from solar panels in by using it to run a small turbine generator to produce electricity that can be used to run Air Conditioners etc. in your home.

You will experience the advantage

You will find a large reduction in electricity bills per month and you will see that by utilizing solar energy harvest you save more than 60% of the electricity used in advance of the local power grid. Each time there will be a power outage, the stored energy from the solar panels will help you to watch television or use your computer without the hassles.

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